Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We’re friends that are on our path to living our healthiest life. We know the power of herbs and whole foods and we want to help you enjoy the power of herbs too! We’re not doctors or herbalist. We’re not gurus or know-it-all. We’re just guys trying to live our healthiest life and we want to help you boost your life with herbs!

Health Pakistan Channel at its core is a DIY Supplement company. We began this path for one simple reason because we were tired of seeing supplements on the market that were packed with unnecessary fillers, binders, and random ingredients make them seem “better”. Other factor is to make availability at consumer door step.  So, we decided to start making our own custom supplements and wanted to give others a way of doing the same thing. Voila, Herb Health Channel Pakistan was born.

But…we’re evolving.

Supplements should be good for you. They should only contain what is absolutely necessary and no more. We are on a journey of bringing raw herbs and supplements that are clean and free of any B.S. They are made primarily of raw herbs and whole foods. Not everyone can eat the perfect diet all of the time and incorporating natural supplements daily can help to bridge the gap we may not be getting from just the food we eat.

We also offer remedies of authentic herbalist’s and make available their recipes as presented in videos (i.e. interviews, morning shows, events etc)  at store. We don’t just sell the power of herbs; we live it. We truly believe in the products we are creating for you and can’t wait to do more. We want to make adding herbs and whole foods to your daily regimen a seamless process that enhances your quality of life.