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Herbal Medicines plays a vital role in the history of healing ailments. People always strive for an alternative and natural way to cure illness besides western medicines under practice. Recently, there is a massive shift towards herbal treatment from every nook and corner of the world, particularly in Pakistan. Studies show emerging statistics of herbal medicine purchase in Pakistan. Their safe and no side effects properties make herbal medicine a trustworthy treatment for your entire medical problems. The statistics determine that the market of Global Herbal Medication Market will touch the peak of $111 billion by the year 2023. Moreover, Pakistan earns approximately $ 45 billion through herbal medicine.  It is a quite evident proof of people’s fondness towards herbal medication. These organic, environmentally friendly, and secure modes of cure render quick relief. However, the progression of information technology and the urge of variation is empowering manufacturers to administer herbal medicines catering all species of well being concerns.

Role of Media in Health Awareness:

Now, there is always a hostile side of the picture. Another significant reason behind the massive explosion of herbal medicines in Pakistan is the role of media. Alternative medicines are getting strong roots in Pakistan because of media backing up with utmost dedication. Being a girl, we are quite familiar with the cumbersome obsession of Morning shows among females of this country. Every morning the host of the show comes up with various topics including fashion, education, health, lifestyle, celebrities to add a quotient of information to your life. Although fake weddings, and dance parties often get irritating but we have made them a vital component of our daily routine. Big Labels in the world of Pakistani media like Hum Tv, Masala Tv, ARY Digital, Geo Tv, ARY Zindagi, Samaa Tv, and Duniya Tv are spending millions on celebrity hosts to make our mornings bright. However, the eminent part is that they often precede engaging topics which are educational. Nonetheless, kudos to the Morning shows for creating awareness among people concerning perpetual health advantages and minimal side effects of herbal medication.

Role of Herbalist’s in herbal medicines Awareness:

Amidst government backing up herbal medication, numerous celebrity herbalists preach the health benefits of these herbal medicines in morning shows. How many of you are aware of the famous Dr. Bilquis Sheikh? The leading herbalist provides remedies from a minor flue to major health diseases via herbs. You must have seen her in various morning shows and YouTube channels doing a noble cause of helping us stay fit. Furthermore, there a few other names that is worth mentioning as prestigious herbalists of our country. Hakeem Rizwan Malik, Dr. Mubashara, Dr. Batool, Dr. Essa, Dr. Farah, Dr. Khurram mushir, Hakeem Shah Nazeer, Salma appa, Dr. Muhammad Riswan Arshad, and Moazaam Tariq worth mentioning in this regard. Moroever, Dr. Hammad, Syed Asif Gillani, Hakeem Umer Mushtaq, Hakeem Tariq, Yousaf Lodhi, Mehween Hina Chohan, Hakeem Rukh e Nasreen, Dr. Umme Raheel, Dr. Muskan Khan, M. Ahsan, and Hakeem Shah Nazir are the pride of our nation as they are shifting the trends towards a reliable source of healing with minimal adverse effects.

A few years back, none of us would have imagined that a simple household cardamom stick can help fight multiple diseases counting weight loss and flue. That is the power of herbal medicine that you perceive every ingredient in the medicine you use. Allow us to introduce you to some of the herbal medicines for primary concerns like hair fall to some fetal problems.

Weight Loss Remedy:

Every second person in the country is dealing with weight issues. The itch to look slim and fit is driving people nuts, to the extent that they are ready to take medicine in this regard. This weight loss remedy ensures 100 percent visible results. Cut off the pouring fat from your belly, hips, thighs, and shoulder with this remedy. However, make sure you take a balanced diet and reduce the intake of fatty and starchy food. The weight loss herbal medicine by Hakeem Shah Nazir comprises of

  • Pahari Podina 4 spoon
  • klvnji 4 spoons
  • e.suddab 4 spoons
  • Jayefll 1 spoon
  • Jawtri 1 spoon

All you have to do it consume half teaspoons of this powder after breakfast, followed by half teaspoon after dinner. Moreover, exercise and a healthy diet will certainly provide the desired results.

The Remedy for Infertility:

Children are the greatest blessing of Almighty Allah, and we all agree to the fact. Therefore, this remedy is especially for people combating infertility. Hakeem Shah Nazir performing the Nobel cause yet again has a remedy to offer. It caters women depressed about the ineffective growth of their eggs, the eggs breaking, the vulnerability of uterus or distinctive causes generating a hurdle in their conceiving phase. The herbal medicine comprises of three simple indigents

  • Dodh Pathani
  • e.Supari
  • Misri

Take equal proportion of these herbs and grind. Now, all you have to do it consume a teaspoon of this powder with a glass of milk a day or night time. Religious use for three months along with glass of “Arq.e.Maqoh” in morning or at night will bring out good news Insha Allah. However, make sure not to use them during mensuration week.

Home Remedy to Combat Sugar:

Diabetes is one of the leading health catastrophes in Pakistan. Today, people of all age groups including children have Diabetes issue. This remedy strictly revolves around diabetes issues among people. It comprises of three ingredients:

  • e.karjoa 100 g
  • jamun ki ghuthli 100 g
  • Chandn k patty 20 g

Prepare a powder from the above components in a given ratio. Consume 1 teaspoon of this powder prior to breakfast, followed by 1 teaspoon before dinner. However, make certain you take 1 spoon of aloe Vera Gell along with this powder to help you sustain sugar level in bones. An important point worth mentioning is to use this remedy with regular consumption of doctors prescribed medicines.

Joints Pain Remedy:

Aging and calcium scarcity usually heads to joint issues, especially among women. Cure yourself of major joint issues including cervical pain, L4 L5, Disk issue, and Sciatica by this herbal remedy. This home remedy has four power packed ingredients

  • Chop Cheeni 50g
  • Singhara 50g
  • Asghan Naghori 50g
  • Soran Jan Sherein 20g

Fuse and mix well all four ingredients. A teaspoon of this mixture with a glass of milk during day or night time will do wonders for you. Use this for three months also we strongly recommend you to use it once if the doctor prescribes knee replacements.

The preceding remedies seem capable, but a primary impediment is lacking a sufficient time to prepare them. HealthChannel.Pk works for all such people, willing to kill their ailment by remedies, but do not have adequate time to make it. Serving Humanity with their implacable services, Health Channel uses purest ingredients in the right amount to utter maximum benefit. Providing home delivery and cash on delivery service let Heath Channel be your decisive wellbeing stop. Catering to an array of health issues through herbs and Tib-e-Nabvi, Health Channel can be your ultimate health and beauty stop.

Those of you who are unaware of Tib-e-Nabvi or the prophetic medicine, Tib-e-Nabvi are the gems of advice awarded by our beloved Prophet PBUH through Hadith. It includes cure to sickness and basic hygiene issues through natural ingredients of daily use. Some of those priceless ingredients include kalonge, olive oil, and injeer.

“Use Kalonji regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death.”

These are the gem of words uttered by our Prophet SAW, and there are no better words to describe the value of Kalonge. Moreover, researchers today are agreeing on the list of benefits olive oil is offering, while Tib-e-Nabvi preached this, centuries ago. It has cure from basic skin issues to fetal breast cancer. Shop from Health Channel without any concerns of wholesomeness, and effectiveness because, all the herbal medicines here are according to remedies by the celebrated Herbals of Pakistan.

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